Five reasons to be cheerful in Jersey

A summer holiday in Jersey is bound to leave you feeling sunny and optimistic. Here are five things to do that will put a smile on your face

No matter where you travel, the definition of a good holiday is one which sees you return home full of new hope and optimism, your senses and energy levels fully recharged. How to achieve this? Well, a long weekend in Jersey would certainly work. Just a 40-minute flight from the British mainland, the biggest of the Channel Islands will help you end your mini-break with a spring in your step.

Eat a tasty breakfast, drink in the sea view

Few things make you feel more cheerful than a full stomach. But add in a spectacular sea view and you have a recipe for contentment. Where to find this pleasing combination? How about The Wayside, a perfect pitstop for breakfast, which perches alongside the rippling waters of St Brelade’s Bay in the south-west of Jersey? The English Breakfast (£6) throws together bacon, eggs, sausages, fried bread and beans with a cup of coffee or tea, while the Wizard Breakfast (£4) does something similar to keep the under-10s fed.

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Hit the heights, hang on tight

Another excellent way of inducing a glow of achievement is to push yourself to places where you might not ordinarily venture. This might be Valley Adventure Centre, at Mont a la Brune, a two-mile hop west of The Wayside – and, specifically, its challenging “aerial trekking” course. This high-ropes bonanza offers 26 different obstacles which can be tackled via both a three-metre and a more nerve-jangling eight-metre route – before a simulated freefall drop rounds matters off with an adrenalin surge. Adults £27, children £21.

Head to the farmhouse, stay for dinner

A family day always needs a hour’s pause for lunch or dinner to re-energise. The Farm House, in St John, in the north of Jersey, serves up dishes to sate appetites of guests both young and old. The Farm House Burger (£14) adds chorizo and onion marmalade to its wedges of chicken and beef. Fresh cod goujons and fries (£6.25) are a highlight of the kids’ menu.

Watch the water, look for the glow

You can enjoy an evening which will illuminate your weekend, both literally and metaphorically, at La Rocque Harbour, at the very south-east tip of the island. Here, Jersey Walk Adventures provides hosted walks along the seabed in search of a remarkable natural phenomenon. As dusk descends and the tide recedes, bioluminescent marine creatures start to glow an eerie green at the sea’s edge. You might call it a “moonwalk” … you will certainly call it magical. (Advance booking recommended. Adults £15.50, children £7.50)

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