Park Attractions

This is my first time here & its not just for kids as I loved seeing all the dinos. There was so much for all indoor play area & outdoor play area, place to eat indoors & by the lake a coffee shop with tables & chairs undercover looking over the lake. You can take a ride in the boats for a fee or can pay to use mini boats & steer them around the lake. You can feed the huge fish as food to pay on the plateform.

There are two walks through to see all the dinos they move & roar. There is little zoo with owls, rabbits, hens & chickens. Plenty of stone statues of diff things one can buy opposite the little zoo. There was a craft room for the kids to make things as it was Easter coming up that was theme. It wasn’t expensive to get in with map to guide you around, of course a gift shop full of dinos!!!Plenty of parking, but I came by bus from the bus station, 2 mins walk to the park. Would recommend.

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